Saturday, January 24, 2009


Jessie, Bobb Bruno and I went to see Amebix at the Cobalt Cafe in the Valley.
It was definitely an experience. Jessie and I were convinced that we would see someone we knew from "back in the day" and literally within minutes we saw George (who dated Gina) from Santa Clarita.

There were a lot of dudes whipping gigantic cholo dudes in the face with their long hair.
There were a lot of very incredibly drunk young people.
There were a lot of crust punks.
There were a lot of people from the 818.
There were a lot of people who knew the songs Largactyl and Arise!

Laragactyl - Amebix

Arise! - Amebix


Martine said...

wow, cobalt cafe. i feel 15.

Cali said...

The Echoplex show was not as smelly as I had hoped, but still good.

Cheveux Noir said...

My friend went to that show!
I'm pretty excited to see you play at The Smell.
P.s. Santa Clarita AHAHAHA...I live there.