Thursday, May 7, 2009

figure skateboarding

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Unknown said...

aye dios mio michelle this sucks but i ordered some mika miko merch on april 6th and sent you a pay-pal totaling 45 bucks for 4 pieces. after not receiving anything i sent you an email and left you a comment here to which you responded. i guess what happened was you had run out of merch at the time that i ordered but was confused and thought maybe you had already sent my stuff out. so i replied with the pay-pal order numbers and what i ordered so you could check your pay-pal records and give me a refund or something but then i didn't hear back from you. so i know you're probably very busy right now but could you please look into it for me. thanks alot. if you need all my information, order numbers and what i ordered i can email it to you again. sorry for leaving my dumb message here.