Monday, July 6, 2009

Soooooo Amazing

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holyghost said...

Dear Mika Miko-

A few things:
Let me preface this by mentioning: this isn't really related to the Runaways whatsoever, although they pretty much rule constantly.

1) My first item is of utmost importance. I promised my friend Travis that I would get him a pair of your sunglasses for his birthday (we went to your show at Red 7 in Austin, but didn't have enough money at the time), and cannot for the life of me find them online for sale ANYWHERE. At the risk of being a terrible, terrible friend, I emailed your label and sent a message through myspace in addition to this incredibly long comment: so PLEASE can I have some sunglasses?

2)While I was trying to find a place to buy said sunglasses, I stumbled across this gem. I realize it's been a few weeks since your amp was destroyed, but would like to offer you a trade to help out money-wise: how about $35 for a pair of sunglasses and a band-signed birthday card for my darling friend? Yeah, it's a weird request. We're weird people. But, c'mon. 35 bucks.

3)More as proof that I'm not an entirely crazy person, Travis and I work for Loco Nunca Magazine. We're in love with you guys, and reviewed your newest record in last month's issue. Since I'm already in the business of making crazy requests, we'd definitely be down with doing an interview with you if you're interested. Just a thought.

So, please shoot me an email at regarding anything I've just said. Please and thank you!

Angela Morales
Loco Nunca Magazine